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Hi, I'm Nicci

I've been telling people's stories since I was 16-years-old at my first job as a writer for a small, Italian-American newspaper. My passion for storytelling led to a 14-year career in television and news media. In my spare time, I created a small upcycling business painting furniture and cabinetry, and learned a lot about different types of woods and materials used in furniture fabrication. I would also consume podcasts in large quantities while I worked, as I quenched my thirst for more learning, and considered other stories I wanted my life to tell. In 2016, I transitioned careers and went from writing scripts for the evening news to helping others express themselves by the way they live in their home.

Today I am a small business owner, designer, and licensed Realtor and co-leader of the Pucci | Ramos Group at Simply Vegas. 

As a designer, I work with my clients to re-envision their space and work in partnership with trusted, licensed contractors to remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and attend to any other space in your home that needs attention. 

Now I want to know, what's your story and how can I help you tell it with your home?

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